Jean Marc Skopek

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Animating your drawings

Programming 20 November 2019
Controlling LED strips with code

I learn to control strips of LEDs in Javascript

Programming 09 November 2019
Building a Plastic Monument

We were invited by the Museum of Vancouver to produce a model visualizing just how much plastic is out there. This is the story of how we frantically built a plastic monument.

Life 07 November 2019
Costa Rica - Tortuguero

Travel 22 October 2018
Costa Rica - Cahuita National Park

Travel 22 October 2018
Costa Rica - Arenal Observatory Lodge

Travel 21 October 2018
Encoding Video with .NET Core and Azure Media Services

Azure Media Services offers a powerful set of video editing and delivery tools, but there is no official library for .NET Core. In this tutorial, I demonstrate how to build a basic REST client to upload and encode video with Azure

Programming 23 April 2018
My Front Row Seat to Pigeon Parenting

I woke up one morning to discover that a pair of pigeons had started a family on my balcony. When life gives you lemons, take tons of pictures

Life 03 November 2017
How does Dropbox Paper have such pretty text?

A dive into the Dropbox stylesheets to see just how the designers pulled off the Dropbox Paper design. The attention to detail is quite impressive.

Programming 15 September 2017
Sloquet Hot Springs

The Sloquet Hot Springs are a natural wonder and something of an untouched gem. The long distance from Vancouver - over 5 hours - and rough roads mean that the area doesn't get much attention. This in turn means that the springs are remarkably natural. With a long weekend ahead of us, we decided to check them out.

Travel 26 May 2017
Creativity Demands Sacrifice: Lessons From the Letters to a Young Poet

The letters from celebrated poet Rainer Maria Rilke teach us what is needed to be truly creative, but perhaps this sacrifice is not for everyone.

Life 25 May 2017
Vancouver Island

Vancouver has been suffering through an unusually wet April, and so the promise of a sunny weekend ahead meant that we had to do something special; after fielding a few ideas, we settled on Vancouver Island.

Travel 17 May 2017
Setting up a Python and Postgres development environment using Vagrant

A guide to setting up a new Vagrant virtual environment with Python and Postgres

Programming 19 November 2016
Fast insert or update statements with Django

I benchmark three ways of inserting or updating entries in a database with Django. If you know the behavior of your application you can see some nice performance gains

Programming 04 May 2016
Moving away from A/B Tests

“Intuition guides, data decides” - at times. But it’s easy to go overboard with A/B testing and underestimate the cost

Programming 02 July 2014
Suboptimal Python

Some brief thoughts on how to write effecient Python code. Don’t optimize too early and benchmark, benchmark, benchmark

Programming 11 June 2014
Exploring Django asset pipelines: Django Assets Toolkit

Exploring one approach to compiling and deploying assets in Django.

Programming 05 March 2014